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Music & Art Therapy

Music Therapy for Inclusion

Paola Esperson Ph.D





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Nice to meet you.

I offer music and art  therapy sessions in Oxford and London, to individuals, couples and groups. ​

As a researcher and a scholar I know that 'I don't know',  and this is why I  like  to  apply a 'beginner mind' approach to life, studies and therapies.

You will lead your process and I will walk beside you to support the discovery of your talent, strength and vulnerability.

Your inner wisdom will guide your growth and wellbeing.

The eyes of my  inner child help me to connect to my higher self and look at the world, the knowledge, the people, the experiences with wonder and curiosity.  It helps to live fully in the present moment, to appreciate life and feel connected with  humanity and the planet as a whole.

Languages for the sessions:  Italian, English, French and MusicArt!


Something about Paola

Researcher, scholar specialised  in music therapy, inclusion  and special pedagogy. Musician, counselor and group facilitator. Dedicated, since the nineties, in experimentation and research on the application of Music Therapy for Inclusion and integration (MTI) in schools and as a tool to improve mental health and wellbeing of youth and adults of all ages. She was founder, director and supervisor of the three-year training course in Music Therapy of FORIFO in Rome, recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (1998-2013).

She has taught and conducted music therapy workshops in primary and secondary schools and in various Italian universities, including music therapy courses for speech therapy students, the Faculty of Medicine of the La Sapienza University of Rome, and seminars for students of Teaching and Education at the University of the Roma Tre. Her studies on music therapy in school, presented at national and international conferences, combine inclusion, development of emotional and social intelligence and peace processes.

Since 2009 she has lived and worked in the United Kingdom (UK).

What Paola says

I have dedicated most of my life to  the inclusion of children and young people in mainstream school using an approach called

Music Therapy for Inclusion - MTI

 I believe that  inclusion is "The Royal Path to Peace"

Group music therapy for inclusion (MTI) has been one of the most successful tools for integrazione scolastica- inclusion, together with other specific didactic and pedagogical strategies. 

As music therapist  I have been researching and teaching, while working with groups and individuals in the fields of education and mental heath and 

Research demonstrates that  group Music Therapy for Inclusion, is an effective tool to develop emotional and social intelligence and promote inclusion, when applied in schools.

Inclusion is a process that starts whitin, it is a process of inner deep democracy that allows us to integrate our hidden 'disliked parts' and therefore teaches us how to relate with the diverse world around us.






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