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Core Energetic body work & Group facilitation 



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My name is Paola, I apply a 'beginner mind' approach to life, studies and therapies. The eyes of my  inner child and my higher self help me to look at the world, the knowledge, the people, the experiences with wonder and curiosity.  It helps to live fully in the present moment,  appreciate life and feel connected with  humanity and the planet as a whole.

I offer music and art  therapy, counselling and facilitation, in Oxford and London, to individual clients, couples or groups.

Music therapy for toddler and early childhood interventions for children and their families. 

Music therapy is an effective early stage intervention  

(children 3 months to 5 year old, and older) for visual and auditory impairments and for complex needs. 

It aims to support the child development, maintaining intact her/his the potential and the functions (for example movement and voice)

New skills are promoted starting from the child innate and natural response and motivation.


Youth and adults of all ages.  

I work with anything you bring. This could include:

Finding your direction in life 

Discover your inner talent and energetic source

Unbind blocks of creativity and  your artistic expression

Improve your self esteem and self confidence

Improve the quality of family or couple relationships

Night and day time dreams

Traumatic history


I see clients in person or via Zoom and have 2 low cost places available, alongside my standard fee clients.

Sessions are offered in  Italian, English and French.

Something about my career:

I have been working in mainstream Italian schools for more than two decades,  supporting  the inclusion of  disabled children,  in my double role of music therapist and specialised teacher.

Group music therapy for inclusion (MTI) has been one of the most successful tools for integrazione scolastica- inclusion, together with other specific didactic and pedagogical strategies. 

As Music therapist  I have been researching and teaching, while working with groups and individuals in education and mental heath.  

For fifteen  years (1998-2013) I have been lecturer and director of the three year  training in “Music therapy for inclusion”, approved by the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR), and organised by the Italian charity  FOrmazione RItirno in FOrmazione (FORIFO- Rome).

In 2015 I became an active member of Deep Democracy Forum group, based in  London,and started to integrate in my practice  counselling  and group facilitation  with music and art therapy.  

I consider Inclusion to be ‘the royal path to peace’.  

For this reason, during my PhD research at Anglia Ruskin University, I have investigated the impact of Group Music therapy  for inclusion (MTI) in primary schools in Italy and in the UK to promote inclusion, emotional and social intelligence, to laying the foundation of a culture of peace.

Something about my Education:

Music therapist - Music therapy Diploma, Cittadella Assisi, PG,  (four years)

Art therapist -Master in Art Therapy, LUMSA University Rome (one year)

Dr Italian Literature:  Department of History of  Music, University La Sapienza, Rome (four years)

Specialised Teacher: Teachers training in special education for the inclusion of disabled children in mainstream schools: Suore Francescane dei SS Cuori di Gesù, Rome (two years)

Counsellor: Core Energetics Counselling - four years practitioner training at Istituto Italiano Core Energetics and supervisions at NICE - Netherland Institute of Core Energetics

Group Facilitator - Facilitation for leaders, CFOR Process oriented psychology London (on year)

Energy psychotherapist: Diploma in Practicing Energy Psychotherapy – CONFER, London (one year)

Among other trainings on Music for facilitation and Music in the classroom: 

Musician without Borders - training for trainers 

World Music in the classroom- SOAS University, London




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